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  1. Hi Nicole! Love youe website and what you are doing! Great idea! Im goin in for the cupcakes today. Where do I find the xylitol? And what is it? I miss seeing you! You have a beautiful family!

    • Hi Robin!
      I miss seeing your face! It’s good to hear from you!! How are you guys!!?

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the website. It’s still very new, but I will be posting every couple days!:)

      Xylitol can be found at a natural food store. I get mine from whole foods. I am not sure if other grocery stores carry it. It isn’t the cheapest! But I like to use some in my sweeter recipes because I notice when I add only liquid stevia it gives off a little aftertaste. I would rather it taste as close to the real deal as possible! So I like to balance it. Most of my sweet recipes will only call for a small amount, so it will last a while.:) But feel free to experiment with only stevia if you’d like.

      Xylitol and stevia are the only two sweeteners that I use in my home because they are natural. Xylitol can be measured the same as sugar cup for cup. It tastes and looks just like sugar.

      Xylitol is found in many fruits and vegetables, but when we purchase it it comes from one of two sources. Either trees or corncobs. Typically it will come from corncobs because it is more sustainable.

      Xylitol has many health benefits. Some of which are protecting against chronic disease, building immunity, helping with anti-aging, preventing ear infections and is also recognized as being a cavity fighter!

      I believe it does have the same amount of calories as sugar, but without the sugar. One of the best things about xylitol is it doesn’t spike your insulin levels. I love being able to have a cupcake and not crash!!

      I hope this answers your questions! Enjoy the cupcakes!


  2. Hey Nicole,

    I like your website. My fiancé Shara and I are request a good quinoa idea. We had no idea that most quinoa recipes only call for about a quarter cup. I think we have enough to feed the 12th Air Force.

    • Hi Matt!
      Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well. Congratulations on getting engaged! Thats exciting! When are you guys getting married?
      I will work on some quinoa recipes this week. In the meantime, for some general advice, since you need to do something with all that quinoa…You could make chili with it, fried rice/stir fry, as oatmeal, make stuffed sweet potatoes with quinoa and veggies, make a yellow curry with chicken and veggies and put it over that, throw it in a soup, stuffed bell peppers, put it on salads, in yogurt, put it in burritos, make a burger out of it (you’d have to add probably some flour, black beans, mushrooms..stuff like that). There are lots of things you could do with it! I will get back to you and the site with an actual recipe this week! Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you Nicole for posting the quinoa lasagna recipe. Shara and I are getting married this August. Flight school has been dragging on for about a year and a half now. Right now I’m at the mercy of weather and maintenance but I’m hoping to get back to home station late spring.

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