Welcome to the Nilsen Pantry! My name is Nicole. I have many loves in my life; my husband, my son, nutrition and of course cooking!

On the Nilsen Pantry you will find a little bit of everything with one common denominator, health! I used to live my life counting calories and trying the newest and greatest diet fads. After many years I have come to realize that those diets that were supposed to be helping me were limiting the foods I could eat and were controlling my life. In turn, I needed to get control over my food so I could eat what I wanted when I wanted. In doing this I create healthy alternatives to the food I crave and now I never feel deprived. Ultimately, I wanted to be able to make something, such as cookies, healthy enough that I could eat it for breakfast. Mission accomplished!

Bringing a new life into this world and having many leave too early due to health issues it is crucial to me to stop the habits of people eating poorly. I want my children to live in a home where there are creative yummy meals that only nourish their little bodies and speak to their souls. I would love to show you how to do that for your family, as there is nothing more important to us than our loved ones.

Here on the Nilsen Pantry you will find a little bit of everything all with a healthy twist, so let us cook together and grow our families one healthy meal at a time.

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